TDC Action 2019

TDC Action 2019

The Democracy Chain is an image that symbolically celebrates the swearing in of the new 116th Congress, and at the same time offers a reminder that its members are there in the service of We the People.

I want to emphasize that we are engaging in an art action in a public place. But this is not a public or official event. It is a self-declared aesthetic and symbolic one meant to inject our message through visual presence, personal interaction, and the documentation of it that we have been making. 

The Democracy Chain fence serves as the central symbolic object of this action; each bag includes a reliquary piece of that fence in the form of a bit of wire cut from each letter. Each is a physical talisman of freedom that we are putting into the hands of random individuals who then go their own way. We need not know where they go or what they will do, but the connection has been acknowledged.

That is sufficient. Each letter of each word in that fence is defined by the resulting negative space. As citizens it is our privilege, opportunity and responsibility to fill in that space. It is all of us together that completes a much larger fence, imbuing its empty spaces with both meaning and life. 

In this way we celebrate the swearing in of the 116th Congress as well as offering this statement of purpose about our representative democracy. In this way we initiate a chain of reflections and the potential for catalyzing events.