VRA, Critical Race Theory and the Filibuster

The Voting Rights Act, Critical
Race Theory and the Filibuster

by Bill Lasarow

The Senate failed to gain any bi-partisan support to advance S.1, the For the People Act, to debate on June 22nd. That does not, I must repeat does not mean that the Democratic Party’s next step to protect and advance the right of all American citizens to vote should be, as CNN’s Van Jones suggested the next day, the 2022 election. There has been a strategy unfolding in the months following Joe Biden’s election, there are multiple threads, and the June 22nd filibuster was not just expected, it was planned around. Far from being a political fiasco, it is playing out. That does not mean that the outcome here is certain; it is not. We are merely in the foreground of a good sized canvas — one that projects a decade or more into our national future.

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John Constable, “The Hay Wain,” 1821, oil on canvas, 51 1/4 x 73”. Courtesy of the National Gallery, London